Deb — This Ain’t no Top Model Behavior!


My first confession… yep… I did the baddie yesterday.  I ate another muffin after I posted – AND – I stayed up too late.  In order to not repeat, I MUST watch ANTM’s season 14 debut now!!  Well, after I put this little postie to bed! 😛

Today I actually had a couple of aha moments…. and then forgot them. Uhhhh…. (looks at the sky)…. ummmm, yeah, they’re gone.  Which actually reminds of the time where I had aforementioned aha moment and then said to myself… don’t forget this cause it would be really useful in the blog! Scraaaaaatch!  Tipsies for new bloggers:  Don’t snoozeit and don’t lose it.

Today (tuesday):


  • Delicious homemade bran muffin that I don’t have time to post yet!  2 pts.
  • Fake eggs real pleasure!   2 pts.
  • Coffee.  Delicious nectar of sweet insanity. 2 pts.


  • Superstore Blue Menu Veggie lasagne.  Did I mention this was the Senokot special? I’m so predictable.  5 pts.
  • Banana and peanut butter bun… oooh and I put thick slices of banana on and then squished it flat with my hand!  6 pts.
  • Granola bar.  Sigh………. when am I ever going to wean myself from this crack candy? 2 pts.
  • Cotton candy gum on the ride to the school!


  • Another bran muffin.  So good 2 pts.
  • Salsa Ensalada salad mix with an extra 3/4 of a head of lettuce added to the mix.  5 pts.
  • Oetker Casa Mama Pepperoni pizza 1/4 of pizza is only 4 awesome pts!!
  • Had a couple of strawberries. 0 pts.
  • Looooved myself enough to eat a 1 pt Popsicle brand Low Fat Chocolate Cookies n Cream bar.  I cannot believe these are 1 pt, although the white ones are kinda gross.

Y’all are not going to believe this!! I’m at 32 points!! Yippie!!! 😀

Emotional state:

  • A little tired and overwhelmed today.  Not that much sleep last night and I have rosacea, which means lack of sleep is a danger to my neurological system and health.  Felt  guilty, sad, and frustrated with myself for not putting my needs first.  But, in accordance, I will NOT watch ANTM’s premiere tonight, I’ll just go to bed.  😀  I feel better already!

Water count:

  • Bor-ing!! I drank all my prescribed water at work.  591 mL, which is a small Dasani bottle.  I then had 2 or 3 cups at home.  So, a success story!

Exercise for today:

  • Hmmmm…. would that be walking around the grocery store for 1/2 an hour?  I was looking to buy coffee cream when I realized the large-ass GINORMOUS chain store I had gotten myself into did not sell my particular brand of delight.  And this aha moment came when I had careened through the entire network of food-addiction zap-zone aisles (starving) and finally ended up in the fat-filled dairy section. My coffee-scented dreams evaporated as I realized: a) I would have to go to a different store and waste more time (kids in tow) or, b) buy a more expensive smaller different brand of cream that tasted quite frankly identical.  Well, if mental gymnastics and grocery store walking aren’t “real” exercise, then it was an exercise in futility!

PS: Not posting weight today… Mondays will have to do.

Things I feel GREAT about:  I’m at 32 points!  I made the kids stay in the kitchen while I made the PB sandwiches and helped them put together the easy stuff for their lunches.   I’d really hate to say I used those little bodies as a protective force to shield me from the powers of PB, but since I already said it like I didn’t mean it but I did mean it, and I did it and I meant to do it, I have to admit that peanut butter is my biggest food weakness.  How funny that the simple goober has got my nut!  Although I still maintain that I was never a girl transformed into a boy and then transformed back into a girl.  Really!  Although I think that’s the next season of Top Model. haha!

And now my sweetmeats, I must retire to my bed chamber with a successful 32 points inside me, my hand-made original body parts about me, and crawl into my shell.  Goodnight y’all!!


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