Amber — Tuesday, March 16


Yesterday…all my troubles seemed so far away…

Okay enough with the musical interlude.  I’m posting a tad late…it’s Wednesday. Whatever.  Yesterday was a good day, aside from the four squares of Lindt dark/mint chocolate I ate (more like scarfed down in no time flat upon arrival home) and five espresso beans I ate after 11 pm with my roommate, having watched a particularly daunting episode of LOST and peeling an entire box of crayons.  Can someone please tell me WHO JOHN LOCKE IS!!!??  PLEASE!  They’ve drawn out the suspense long enough, now it’s time to give up the goods!  Anyhow.  I went to Curves yesterday morning, took my greens, stretched, did some Morning Pages, continued to reread Twilight (this happened totally by accident, I swear…just happened to find the book in my backpack a few days ago, and once it was in my hands and I opened the first page, I was sucked in by Edwards dazzling…rest assured, I was severely reprimanded for this by My Favorite Starbucks Barrista…actually I’m pretty sure he has lost faith in my intelligence completely).  In the evening, I managed to get three loads of laundry (almost) done AND sweep and vacuum the bathroom and livingroom.  Wow, I am kind of SUPAWOMAN.


Breakfast: One cup of Optimum Slim organic cereal with one cup 1% milk, three walnuts chopped, and some Craisins.  I then went to Starbucks and had a tall americano with half and half and NO sugar.

Lunch:  One piece of a friends yam roll…and I honestly can’t remember what I ate after….oh yeah!  Went to Ya Ya’s Bubble Tea Cafe for a turkey veggie sandwich and a bowl of broccoli cheddar soup…and she slipped in half a brownie!  What an evil woman; and yet I did lift the tasty morsel to my lips.  Overall, kind of a HIGH carb/cal lunch.  It was delicious.  Absolutely delicious!

Dinner:  Bok choy steamed with half a cup of veggie chilli, eight pieces of tofu cubes (prefried), one peice of swiss cheese, and half a whole wheat pita with margarine.  Oh, and a glass of orange juice.

Snack:  Key lime pop…which spilled all over me on the bus when I opened it, after which I hated it’s guts and wanted to smash the bottle to pieces.  I had like three sips, then threw it in the first garbage can I encountered, walking away with the weight of the disappearing rainforest on my shoulders — why do they not have recycling bins everywhere in major cities??  Whyyyy?????? In the evening, I ate four squares of Lindt dark/mint chocolate (indulgently!) and five espresso beans…or was it six?  Hmmm….


–  I babysat My Favorite Five-Year-Old Boy for a while last evening, during which my role abruptly changed from fun-loving-Auntie-Amber to feeble-human-mother-of-abandoned-baby-dragon (this game spontaneously evolved after showing My Favorite Five-Year-Old Boy a preview for the new Dreamworks animated film How to Train Your Dragon…which I have free tickets for c/o my connections at Paramount!).  It was explained to me that I was responsible for teaching it how to breathe fire, fight off enemies with a dragon version of Kung Fu, “fly higher than the world”, and nurse it back to health with “magic potions and snuggling”.  These tasks I found quite doable; however, I was more concerned about how and where I would find a positive male dragon’s influence in this poor abandoned baby male dragon’s life.   More on that next time.

— It is My Roomate’s Daughter’s 1st birthday this Friday.  I was at her birth last year…doula-ing and taking pictures, and celebrating the miracle of LIFE that arrived on a rainy afternoon in a birthing pool with brightly coloured fish pained on the sides in the middle of the livingroom of the home I now live in, March 19, 2009.  It’s amazing how fast the time goes (so cliche…but soooo true).  Anyway, last night in preparation for the party, My Roommate decided to make crayon cupcakes for the kid’s goodie bags.  Such a cute idea!  We spent a good hour peeling the paper off of two boxes of crayons.  You would not BELIEVE how glued on that paper is!  Anyway, the final result was FABULOUS!  Cute little cupcake-shaped multicoloured crayons. I highly recommend! She is so brilliant. Here is a picture example (from the internet):

— In regards to the espresso beans…I was simply saving my roommate from herself…she had already consumed about 24 of them and her hair was beginning to stand on end. It was my duty to ensure she didn’t finish off the whole bowl by herself.  Yes, I am THAT friend.  😉


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