Deb – My First Post – News of Great Importance… haha!

A proper introduction of myself!

As you will come to learn, my posts are full of haha… not lol, not LMAO, or other such hubris… haha.   You’ll have to guess whether this is just a chuckle or a deep-throated laugh that rings out loud and clear, but I think I splay my humor well enough that you will know the difference. And so, dear friends, we are off….

(insert Canon in D here) – the First Post! 😀

I forgot to mention in my introduction my mode of weight loss.  The diet, the plan, the lifestyle, the reason for the season, the whole ball o’wax is….. Weight Watchers.  Well, a modified one, but definitely the WW where I don’t have to pay $300 a month to stand on a scale in front of 30 strangers and get more flyers than the Jehovah’s Witnesses pass out in a year.  Frankly, I’d rather stand out there on the corner with the JWs than pay another cent to WW.   Three years’ hard time will do that to you! So, I’m going it alone with the last 3-6 years of ‘old’ plans.  In the works is joining either Tops or OA for the emotional side of losing weight.  This is the time, so extra help is needed.

As I went through my afternoon with nary a thought to this blog, I did pretty well with my points.  I always do.  Put me on a morning schedule and I’m a Senokot Special (regular).  9:30? Bing – Wind me up for Coffee Time! Once I’m out of  that place, and head home with the kids, my evenings generally feel like I’m at the Devil’s Playground with a few good days thrown in for good behavior.  Evening time is H-A-R-D (for me).  I’m the girl with the curl in the middle of her forehead – either very very good or very very bad.  So, I promise if I’m on the rampage, I’ll keep my nose clean and report.   But primarily I promise to use my powers for good instead of evil and will use my judgment and common sense to make decisions that encourage self control to get the things I want and need.  Namely losing weight and making healthy choices and not relating food to my emotional state.

Today (monday):

  1. No breakfast (I usually have oatmeal).
  2. 2 pts.  Coffee.
  3. 5 pts. 1/4 slab of Superstore Blue Menu Vegetarian Lasagne ooh so good.
  4. 2 pts.  Choco chip granola bar.  Trying to get away from the habit of these.
  5. 2 pts. Banana.
  6. 0 pts. Carrots as a snack.
  7. Cotton Candy bubble gum – smacked bubbles all the way home in the car! Nothing says love like gum with real sugar!
  8. 3 pts. Yves Breakfast links 3 links.
  9. 2 pts.  Scrambled fake eggs (cheese n’chives).
  10. 3 pts.  Dr. Pratoreia (Preggers) I really have no clue what they are called… spinach patties yum!
  11. 3 pts.  Rye toast.
  12. 2 pts.   Homemade low fat bran muffin.
  13. 24 points.  Very good considering.  My daily total is 33.

Emotional state:

  • Tired.. day one of kids and time change.   To safeguard, I put the peanut butter in the cabinet out of sight – it’s smooooth kryptonite.

Water count :

  • A sad sad 3 cups.  I will drink more… OK OK People!! I will drink one right now….four cups and another one is filled, waiting for me and my weak bladder to either dash to the bathroom or sit and post with legs crossed.

Exercise for today:

  • I walked with my kids to the grocery store for the fake eggs.  It took us 1/2 hour, so maybe a 15 minute walk.

Well, I’m done!!  I don’t have to post anything else!! woohoo!! Oh! Amber tells me I have to post my current weight.  aacck… better take the walking shoes off and use another restroom break.

268.  Oh my.   Well, I did put this pic of Ozma up as I feel I am most like her (except the fact that I was never transformed from a girl into a boy and then back into a girl again)! You must read!! I’ve always loved these books and I’m definitely Regal (although mine is more in a King Ralph kind of way), a tad dramatic, a lover of beauty, a deep thinker, intelligent, and, hopefully, always kind.  So, if I want to become like Ozma above, the gauntlet has been thrown down…. sorry Dorothy, but we’re just not going to Kansas anymore!!


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