Deb — Emby 1


I tell myself  No….  you cannot have that.  There will be literally thousands of  cheesecakes in your future…………but not today.

For improved satisfaction <insert own sin here>.



3 thoughts on “Deb — Emby 1

  1. Hey Deb…this is me leaving a comment! It’s easy as 1, 2, 3!
    1. Click on the “leave a comment” link beside each post title.
    2. Leave a comment in the “leave a reply” box.
    3. Enter your name and submit the comment!


  2. YAY! Ok apparently I didn’t look close enough to notice the “Comment” link. DUH.

    Hurrah!! The blog looks slick and polished; not unlike the two of you! Congrats on your goals and your determination to reach them.

    (5’4″ and shrinking)

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