Amber — Monday, March 15


Today was a MARVELOUS day!  I took the Greyhound out to Abbotsford to do some maternity photography for a good friend of mine.  A beautiful spring day — warm, fresh, reviving.  My soul was totally uplifted and the creativity came easily. We went to Milsean for a latte and a lovely chat after the shoot — one of my favorite cafes!   I was able to get some reading in during my time on the bus (Twilight! — a true indulgence!), which was a treat.  Upon arrival back to Vancouver, I grabbed dinner at Subway (healthiest option within range of work).  After dinner, I opted to take a tea break before heading into work, as I was still keyed up from the activities of the afternoon, so I went to Starbucks and ordered a chamomile tea.  I took 30 minutes to write a letter to my niece and contemplated my naval whilst sipping in its calming essence.


Breakfast:  Two meatless egg mcmuffins and a large coffee (with cream and one sugar). I will NEVER order a large coffee from McDonald’s again — it was seriously as big as my forearm.  Note to self:  Do not order beverages that draw attention to your short stature or could possibly cause drowning if consumed in full.

Lunch:  Amy’s lentil soup with two slices of toasted grainy bread, four slices of smoked Gouda, and a glass of unsweetened fruit tea.

Dinner:  Six-inch veggie sub (no cheese) with lotsa veggies, lite mayo, ranch and chamomile tea from Starbucks.

Snacks:  One square of Lindt dark mint chocolate and one Milsean latte (c/o a good friend!).


I like to have weekly goals.  They help me stay focused and give me something to work towards.  Here are a list of my goals for this week.

1.  Work out at Curves four times.

2.  Take my probiotic greens power every morning.

3.  Do morning pages three times.

4.  Only allow myself only two indulgences.

5.  Stretch every night before bed.

(I’ll be sure to mark my progress in my daily posts)


– While at Subway I was tempted to order a footlong (I know…think about the sandwich size vs actual stomach capacity!), but gave myself a firm NO.  I actually told that thought that it was ridiculous and that I had no use for it…and it went away sulking.  And, whatdyaknow, the six inch filled me up quite nicely!

– There was a man seated on the bus behind me that was reenacting (with exact vocal impersonations) an entire Batman comic for his friend.  I resisted to urge to turn around and tell him that his loneliness would cease when he abandoned the comic books, moved out of his grandma’s basement, and got a real job.  It was hard.  *pats myself on shoulder for not publicly humiliating and emasculating a perfect stranger*


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