Well, hello there!

Hello friends!

Welcome to our blog, 5 Foot 2 and Shrinking!

First let us introduce ourselves, well-bred women of decorum that we are!

We are Deb (picture left) and Amber (picture right) — two very different women in two very different life situations who happen to be the same height — 5 feet 2 inches — and we want to shrink!  That’s right — shrink!  Not in the incredible shrinking lady way but in the “oh look, I can fit in an airplane seat WITH the tray down now” way. We’ve been well…kinda fat…kinda…for kinda a while…and we’re ready to reverse the cycle of overweight living and achieve some of our long-desired goals.

It’s not the easiest process, losing weight that is.  It’s kind of like…well…uhhh…*fill in long hyperbolic series of impossible events which eventually leads to sharks and periodically includes snickers bars and jars of peanut butter*.  Yeah, it’s like that.

We have found weight loss to be a struggle at times, but have decided to stop griping and moaning about how “impossible” it all is and instead stay positive and BLOG IT OUT !  By inserting some humor, accountability, and encouragement into the process, we are hoping to circumvent the “weight loss pit of doubt and despair” that so many fall into. It IS POSSIBLE for us!

We will be posting daily about our emotions/mood and health choices.  We will also make mention of the “embellishments” — those little things that made us proud of ourselves or helped us to enjoy life just a little bit more, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, saying no to something unhealthy even though the initial temptation was to say yes, or buying flowers for the kitchen table just because they were beautiful and we wanted to enjoy them.  These things help us to remember that LIFE is the point — beautiful, bold, adventurous life, and we want to be living it to the full.

So, thanks for stopping by today.  If we knew you were coming we would have baked a low-cal, vegan carob cake with wheat grass icing!  Yeah…not likely.

Deb and Amber